Freshfields Farm Jacksonville

Freshfields Farm Jacksonville
5555 University Blvd W
Jacksonville, Florida 32216
(904) 652-2810

We’re Open:
Monday—Saturday: 9:00am—7:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am—6:00pm
Labor Day: 9:30am-5:00pm

We’re Closed:
Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day

Helpful Shopping Hint:
Did you know? We have TWO entrances to our parking lot! One is located off University Blvd AND the second is located off of Spring Park Road.

***Refunds require receipt and return of merchandise within 10 days of purchase date


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Imported, XL
2 for $7

Lane Peaches

Locally Grown in Georgia

Organic Blueberries

Grown in the USA, 1 Pint
2 for $5

Jumbo Red Cherries

Grown in the USA

Kent Mangoes

Grown in Mexico
5 for $5.55

Red Bell Peppers

Canadian Green House Grown

    • Organic Pint Blueberries

    • Organic Sliced Mushrooms

    • Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms

    • Organic Juicing Carrots

    • Organic Bananas

    • Organic 3lb Bagged Yukon Potatoes

    • Organic Tri-Pack Garlic

    • Organic Squeeze Minced Garlic

    • OrganicGirl Salad Mixes

    • Organic Variety Pero Items

    • Organic Red Quinoa

      • XL Eggs

      • Cage Free Eggs

      • Natalie’s Juices- Assorted Varieties

      • Orange Blossom Honey

      • Cabbage
      • Monterey Mushrooms-Assorted Varieties

      • Alfalfa Sprouts

      • Bean Sprouts

      • Watercress

      • Jalapeno Peppers

      • Yellow Squash

      • Zucchini

      • Corn

      • Smooth Skin Avocadoes

      • Boniato

      • Green Beans

      • 2lb Chopped Collard Greens

      • Green Peppers

      • Fancy Eggplant

      • Bagged Vidalia Onions

      • Loose Vidalia Onions

      • Bagged 5lb Red Potatoes

      • Bunched Collard Greens

      • Red B Potatoes

      • Green Peanuts

      • Bagged 5lb Yukon Potatoes

      • Red Dragon Fruit

      • Pink Guava

      • Mamey

      • Lane Peaches

      • Roma Tomatoes

      • Grape Tomatoes

Kick The Cans

kickthecans_02Kick the cans this year!

A new year inspires a fresh start; especially with the foods we feed our bodies. Dieting trends come and go, but simply getting back to nature will always be the best nutritional approach to health which promotes weight control and disease prevention. Even some popular diets (i.e., Paleo, Clean Eating) promote whole foods that are closest to their natural state over pre-packaged, processed and fast foods. The concept is simple: eat like our ancestors, before the modern diet of refined foods and unnatural fats, which are major culprits in obesity and degenerative diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. Freshfields Farm is the ideal place for fresh, whole, superior foods at affordable prices. Follow these tips when shopping fresh for your best health:

Fill your cart with:

  • Foods with little/ no processing: those which are perishable within a week or so, with very few ingredients. A once-a-week stocking of the refrigerator with a monthly stocking up on dry goods is the most healthful way to shop. The following foods should make up the majority of your daily diet:
    • Lean meats, poultry and seafood: great sources of protein, B vitamins, iron and healthy fats. Look closely at your labels. For instance, Freshfields Farm offers Farm fresh chicken with no water or sodium “enhancements” added
    • Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables like grapes, pomegranates and blueberries and greens like spinach, kale and collards, which offer disease prevention. Use our Colors of Health in-store signage to determine the specific health benefits of each color.
    • Healthy fats such as avocados, fish, nuts and seeds: promote healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Seasonal Produce: For instance, in winter months, citrus, collards, cherries, and asparagus, just to name some.
  • Natural Detoxifiers: Incorporate produce that naturally helps rid your body of toxins including grapefruit, beets, lemons, limes, garlic, artichokes, broccoli, ginger, red radish and apples.

Try keeping your refrigerator and fruit bowls stocked with fresh items instead of your pantry stocked with processed foods with long ingredient lists, and see how much better you look and feel this year!


Organic Picks

We’re proud to offer a growing selection of USDA Certified Organic Produce; these items are our ”Organic Picks”. Depending on the season, you may find apples, carrots, mushrooms, garlic, berries, celery, onions, salad mixes and more! Once you’re here, you can find our Organic Picks by looking for the signs like the graphic to the left. Did you know: According to the USDA,, “The use of GMO’s is prohibited in USDA certified organic products.”

Local Picks

Whenever possible, we buy produce grown here in Florida. As with our Organic Picks, our locally-grown selection will vary from season to season, but some things you may find are Driscoll’s strawberries, collard greens, corn, honey, mushrooms, orange juice and more that were grown by our local farmers! We call these items “Local Picks”; you can find them throughout our store by looking for the symbol to the left. Exactly what is “Local”? We follow the USDA’s  acknowledged definition: Product that is transported less than 400 miles from the origin of the product (which is also about a day’s drive)