Freshfields Farm Jacksonville

Freshfields Farm Jacksonville
5555 University Blvd W
Jacksonville, Florida 32216
(904) 652-2810

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Store Hours:
Mon-Sat: 9:30am-6:30pm
Sun: 10am-6pm

We’re Not Open:
Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day

Helpful Shopping Hint:
We have TWO entrances to our parking lot! One is located off University Blvd AND the second is located off of Spring Park Road.

***Refunds require receipt and return of merchandise within 10 days of purchase

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Pint Blueberries

Grown in Peru
2 for $5

Ripe Papaya

Grown in Mexico
1.09 lb

Honeycrisp Apples

Grown in Washington
2.19 lb

White Seedless Grapes

Grown in California
2.99 lb

Bartlett Pears

Grown in Washington
1.49 lb

Hass Avocados

Grown in Mexico
4 for $4.44
    • Organic Quinoa
    • Organic Mini Carrots
    • Organic Girl Salad Mixes
    • Organic 8oz Baby Bella Mushrooms
    • Organic Green Beans
    • Organic Sleeved Garlic
    • Organic Gala Apples
    • Organic Mini Carrots
  • Cage Free Eggs
  • Pecans
  • Orange Blossm Honey
  • Florida Oranges
  • Zucchini
  • Collard Greens
  • Red Grapefruit
  • Fancy Eggplant