Meet Your Farmer: Lane Orchards

Some of the Farm’s favorite summer fruit are Lane Peaches. In season from June to August, these Georgia delights are sure to be a highlight to your summer. Mr. Duke Lane III of Lane Southern Orchards gives us more insight as to what makes Lane Peaches so special:

lane peaches logo
How long has Lane peaches been around? 
“Lane Southern Orchards is a century old farming operation in the heart of Peach County, focusing only on peaches for the last century and pecans for nearly 60 years now.”
How is a Georgia peach different from a California peach? Is there a difference? 
“Georgia is known across the country as the ‘Peach State’. While Georgia grows less than 10% of all the fresh peaches cultivated nationwide, peach eaters know Georgia is where the flavor is! Georgia’s red clay soils and ridiculous hot summer nights create the perfect environment for flavor, flavor, flavor!”
How do I know when a peach is ready to eat?
“First off….DO NOT REFRIGERATE peaches until fully mature. Peaches lose flavor and moisture in refrigeration. While necessary at times, minimize cold storage. Peaches are ready to eat when they give slightly to touch. I like chin-dripping juicy peaches…the softer the better.”
What makes Lane different from other Southern peach growers?
“Our peaches make the difference for us. Sweet, Georgia Peaches…we have been blessed to be able to cultivate them. Our attention to detail ensures we get the right peach to the right customer. We hand pick and hand pack every single peach.”